Wicked Walking

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Something wicked this way comes…

After killing a monster and dragging herself home from another world, Cassandra Reilly has become more than a witch – she’s a hero. Sure, she can’t sleep through the night and she’s haunted by what she saw, but things should be looking up. Right?

Except something followed her out of the woods that day. And despite her best efforts – and the help of Merich, the handsome Fae Warden – Cass has failed to find any trace of it. Vanishing entities rarely bode well, but maybe no news is good news. And with a ticket out of town and her future on the horizon, Cass could really use a lucky break.

She’s not going to get one.

Wicked Walking continues Claudia Cain’s new spellbinding fantasy series, perfect for fans of Silver and Bone and Stranger Things.

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Content Warnings

Wicked Walking is a fantasy thriller, with horror leanings. It contains death, violence, mild gore and depictions of injury, as well as mild body horror. It also includes mentions of suicide and depictions of anxiety. If you have any questions about these warnings, or if you require further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact page, or for a more immediate response, by messaging the author on Instagram (@cainbooks).

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